Welcome to the Bruemmer Park Zoo

Whether you have never visited the zoo or have been there a hundred times, you will begin to see transformations occurring throughout the zoo.  Read on to see some of these transformations.

Zoo Construction

We are very excited to say that construction in the zoo has begun!  The old bear pen was located within the floodplain.  Because of this, we need to reconstruct it at a higher elevation to prevent flooding.  Therefore, the old pen was demolished.  This work was completed on November 1.  The next step will be to install sand and topsoil so that we can grow grass in this area in Spring.

Before Construction                            After Construction

Bear Pen Before Construction Bear Pen After Construction

Construction of new exhibits have not begun yet due to the cost of construction associated with needing to install utilities within the bedrock which is at the ground surface.  There are plans for a couple of new exhibits underway, so check back for updates on the newest construction activities.